Monday, 21 August 2017

Number Knowledge - Week 4&5 Task

WALT: Add and Subtract Negative Numbers.
This is my maths task for Wk 4 & 5 of Term 3 2017. It is all about Negative (-) and Positive (+) Numbers. Take a look at my work and I hope that you enjoy.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Online Profile - 10 Years Time

This is my online profile in 10 yrs time. We had to write about what we wanted to be
in 10 yrs and how old we will be. This is mine. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy. 

My I Wonder... Animation

This is my I Wonder... Animation for Term 3. At Pt England School we are learning all about space. 
There are a lot of wonders about our space and planet earth and beyond. My I wonder question is. I Wonder... If aliens existed, then can they speak english. Take a look at my Animation to find out more. 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

GEGNZ Student Summit - Reflection

Image result for gegnz student summit 2017This morning, the yr 7 & 8 extension crew from Pt England School, were given the privilege to take a trip to Ormiston School, South Auckland for the GEGNZ (Google for Education Group New Zealand) Student Summit. There were over 400 kids that showed up there. As I have mentioned before, everything was held at Ormiston Junior College. Our extension crew had to present 2 different presentations that we held at our own workshop. (Still at OJC). So, our teacher split us up into 2 groups. One group would present what they had learned about Scratch and would also share their experiences/knowledge with scratch. The other group would present how we do our school news. (P.E.N.N) I was in the group that was presenting Scratch.

So, first of all, once we had arrived, we had to register and get our Presenter Tags, Pens and these, Google for education things to wear around our necks. After we had done all of that, we wrote our names down on the tags and found our way into the OJC Hall. They had set up chairs and some schools couldn't fit so they sat down on the floor. I think that there were over about 7 schools there. I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure that it was over 7. Anyways, we went into the hall because they were holding a welcoming ceremony. Once all of the schools had arrived in the hall, a keynote from the, Young Ocean Explorers Team was presented. The Young Oceans Explorer Team is mainly made up of 2 people. A Father and A Daughter who wanted to learn more about our waters. They have travelled all around the world to learn more about our oceans.

Afterwards, a couple of girls from the Ormiston Senior College told everyone about the housekeeping rules. Then, all of the schools (including us) exited the hall and went on to presenting or for some other groups. The first thing that my groupTinkertime In Action." They had 4 different stations. "Makey Makey," "Tangram Puzzles," "MBot Coding and, "Ozobots Coding." We were there for 45 mins and then we moved onto having some lunch. Once we finished eating, we went to the OJC Room to present our scratch projects. We had a few people come, but we were only in a small room. Not much space for everyone.
did was go to a multitask workshop called, "

We also presented for 45 mins and then went back to the main area and had some more lunch. After that, we moved to the next session. My group went to this other yr 4 presenter group that showed us about how to use tellagami. Every single group presented for only 45 mins. They used that time to show people how to use things and to learn more about them. Then, we went back to the main area had something to eat and went into their personal school hall again for the ending ceremony. As soon as everyone had sat down and found a seat, someone named, "Suan Yeo," presented his keynote asked everyone about what they enjoyed about the day and he talked about his job at, "GOOGLE."

At that ending ceremony, they had prizes for people that got their names picked out of the draw. During the workshops, everyone was asked to write their names down on a piece of paper and their school initials. This is how everyone entered the draw to win a special prize. 4 people won a prize from our school. Their names are, "Simon, Mitchell, Ana and Yvonne." 3 of them won a case for their chrome book and Mitchell won a globe with a magic pen.

Anyways, the whole day for me was amazing. I enjoyed presenting and going to other workshops to do extra activities. We even got to see one of the teachers that used to work at our school. Her name is, "Mrs Lavakula". She teaches at the Ormiston Junior Primary. Well, after everything, we went outside to take a giant group photo. It was fantastic.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Space Race

As you can see, this is my reading presentation for this week. It has taken me a while
to finally complete it, but I did it. This presentation is all about the Space Race and why
it happened in the first place. My presentation has quite a bit of information around it,
but I think that it has also helped me a bit to learn about the space race too. Make sure
to read my presentation to find out about what I have learnt this week.

Speech Task

Topic: How to bribe your siblings!!

Hey there guys! It’s been a quite a while, hasn't it? So… anyways. Have you ever seen or heard that your siblings got something amazing, and you didn’t. Like, they got an entire stationery pack and you just got 2 pencils. Well, welcome to my world. My siblings are almost always getting more than me. Anyways, I’m sick of them getting better things than me. So, here I have decided to give a few tips on how to bribe your siblings.

First of all, you must have some sort of proof that they got something better than you, because they might try and lie to get away with it. Next, you really need to know how to act and how to try and be kind to your siblings. Most of the time, when they see you being kind and good, they will most likely feel guilty and probably give you something of theirs that they thought you deserved.

Anyways, one more step till you become a master. Ask your siblings if they want anything and just tell them that you’ll clean up their mess after they’ve eaten or something. (Well, my siblings are useless at cleaning up anyways, but that’s not the point!) Maybe then, they will start seeing a change in you, and might also give you something that they thought you deserved more.

So… once you think that you’ve mastered those 3 simple steps, you are on the way to scoring something new for yourself. From your siblings. I know these steps might sound crazy, but trust me, they work. I have done it a lot on my siblings, because they are always getting better things than me.

As soon as I came up with these steps, everything started changing. My world became a whole lot different. My parents started giving me and my siblings the same things, making it fair for all of us. That really cheered me up. Now I don’t need to use these steps anymore.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Space Game - Reflection 2017

Hey there, Bloggers! Have you ever been set a task to create a game using code? Well, for the past 10 weeks, my group and I have been working on a scratch game based all around space. Our extension teacher (Mrs Lagitupu) gave us all a task to create a game on scratch using the knowledge of coding that we already had. This task was a bit challenging but we still got through it. My group faced quite a lot of challenges throughout term 2.

Here are the challenges that I faced:

First of all, almost all of us are beginners.
Secondly, it was quite hard moving the aliens back and forth.
Thirdly, It was also quite hard to figure out the right coding blocks to do such things.
Last of all, one of the biggest challenges was trying to make the rocket shoot out bullets to destroy the aliens.

But, once we got a bit of help we figured out how to fix all of these problems and challenges that we were facing that moment. Mrs Lagitupu got someone from OMGTech to come in and teach us more about coding. In case you didn't know, OMGTech is more like a coding company that does all sorts of things. They are pretty much like, I.T workers. They help to fix a lot of problems with coding and devices as well. Anyways,

Here is how we fixed our problems:

First challenge, Zoe from OMGTech came and taught us a lot about coding and which blocks to particular things and jobs.
Second challenge, After we received Zoe's help, we figured out how to move the aliens back and forth and even make them glide.
Third challenge, we got a little stuck on finding the right blocks, but we got shown a bit more information and we found the correct blocks to make everything move and that.
Last challenge, Mrs Lagitupu gave us links to basic game tutorials which we watched and they helped us find the right code to make the rockets shoot.

Well, that is my extension space game reflection for this term. I hope you enjoy reading. Oh, and also here is a link to youtube videos you could watch to find out how to create a basic game on scratch.

#1 - Basic Game Tutorial
#2 - Platform Game Tutorial
#3 - Racing Game Tutorial

Monday, 31 July 2017

Measurements - Wk 1 Task

WALT -  Make estimates of lengths and convert between metres and centimetres
This my my first maths task for this term. Week 1. I have learnt a lot about measurements from this maths task. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy

Monday, 3 July 2017

Word Problems - Wk 9 2017 Term 2

WALT: Solve word problems using various strategies.
This is my maths task for week 9. It has helped me a lot with my multiplication
and division.  It was also quite challenging. If i'm being honest, I may have
used the calculator for 2 - 3 questions. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

2017 Inquiry Project

This is my 2017 Term 2 Inquiry Project. My group figured that there was barley
any games in the common room at school for people to play. So.... we decided
to solve that problem by making 4 more board games for people to play. We made,
Chess, Checkers, Marble Run and Ball Toss. We used a lot of materials to create everything,
but me accomplished our goals. This presentation includes all of the materials we needed, the
steps on our we created it, and what our project is about. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Mult Pyramid - Working out

This is my multiplication pyramid for maths. I had to multiply the whole thing and find an answer for the top of the pyramid. To the right, that is my working out for the top 3 layers of the multiplication pyramid.

Space Invaders Planning - Extension

This is my space invaders planning for extension. This term we were given a task
to create a space game that includes shooting. Pretty much like Galaga. We are using
scratch to create our game and we will have to code our way through. It is quite challenging,
but we have been trying our best to finish.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Decimals - Early Finisher

WALT: Recognise and understand tenths and hundreds.
This is another early finisher task. I have completed all of my work for this week.
This has helped me a bit more with my decimals. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Space Readings - Extension Task

5 Big Changes in Space Travel

Did you know that over about 50 years ago, no one on earth knew what would happen to a human being if they were to be launched into space? So... they were scared. But that all changed, in 1961 when, Soviet military pilot and cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, hurtled into orbit aboard, VOSTOK 1.

He circled the earth once, reporting that he was feeling more alive than he has ever felt before. He also said that he could see, "rivers and fold in the terrain". He sounded quite strange when he announced, that he could see a lot of different types of clouds. He saw animals, objects and other things made in cloud form. “Beautiful” was his simple description of the view. “Weightlessness” Yuri said, felt “pleasant”.

In the decades, before Gagarin became the first man in space, NASA started launching men to the moon, and even to mars. Barley anyone was launched into space because, they didn’t have enough technology back in the days. But, nowadays, technology has improved and NASA has been able to send more people into space. Every single person that was sent to space, had a mission. Some had mission to walk on the moon/mars. Some had mission to plant flags on the moon. And there were a lot of different missions too.

Gagarin's mission lasted at least, 108 minutes, so he didn't have to eat. But the cosmonaut who followed him into space, German Titov, went up for more than a day. People wondered: Would he be able to swallow food? Today's big questions about space travel and the human body involve bone loss.   

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Plays and Poetry

This is my Week 6&7 Task. These following weeks we have been learning all about,
Oral Language. Oral language is plays and poetry. So... that is what we are learning
about. Later on this week, we will be showing our plays in front of our class. This has helped
me understand a lot more about, Oral Language.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Decimals, Fractions and Percentage

This was my maths task that was set for me this week. I have completed this task
under no pressure. This presentation has helped me with my decimals, fractions
and percentages. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Staying Warm & Keeping Cool

WALT: Evaluating - I gather, and synthesise to evaluate information across a range of texts
This week we were learning about gathering information about different things. 
And we were learning how to collect information from a range of different texts. 
This presentation has helped me learn a lot about how animals keep warm and how they
stay cool. Take a look at my task and I hope that you enjoy. 

Thursday, 8 June 2017


WALT: Interpret information from different graphs.
This is a presentation about different graphs. There are questions that I had
to answer. So I did. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.


WALT: interpret information from different graphs.
This presentation task is all about statistics. It is about, Mean, Median, Mode
and Range. This presentation has helped me learn more about graphs. I have
also learnt more about, M, M, M and R. Take a look at my task and please
feel free to leave a comment down below and send me some feedback.

Early Finishers

WALT: Collect and Organise Data
This task was for early finishers. In case you don't know what that means, an early
finisher is someone who has finished there task that has been set for them early.
So... I was an early finisher. This presentation goes a long with our week topic using
graphs and collecting data. This week we have been learning about Mean, Median,
Mode, Range and Probability. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Data Usage

This is my maths task for Week 6. It is all about data and probability. This has
helped me a lot with my data collection. I have now learnt a bit more about
probability. Take a look at my presentation and I hope that you enjoy.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Week Reflection

Hey, Bloggers! The past 3 days have been phenomenal. On Wednesday, the Yr 8's of Pt England School went to a leadership camp at Marsden Bay. So... since the Yr 8's have been gone, our teachers have planned activities and games for Wednesday, Thursday and well of course, today. On Wednesday, we had 2 hour rotations for the morning. The 3 rotations were, 1. Making Truffles, 2. Team Building and 3. Art/Quote Posters. My group did the, Art rotation. On Thursday, we did the same rotations. But, so that it was fair, we only did one hour of the other 2 rotations. First, my group, The Munchies, did Team Building and then the last rotation we did was, Truffles. If you don't know what Truffles are, they are chocolate balls rolled in coconut. It is more of a islander dessert. 
Today, first we had our school assembly. After that, we came back into our Team 5 block and had a relay. The relay was cup stacking. We split our group in half, so that half could be on one side and the other half on the other side. There were 3 tables in the middle with ten cups on it. The rules were that you had to stack the cups that you were given into a pyramid and then you had stack it down and put them into one pile. After you completed that, you had to run to the back of the line and the next person had to come up. The first team to finish would win. The munchies came first and we won 200 points for our team. The other teams names were, The Churries and Fobalicious.  

So... on behalf of the Yr 7 and 8's at pt england school, I would like to say a huge thanks to our teachers who helped organise everything for this phenomenal week. We had such an amazing time. So.. we would like to thank yous for that.


Monday, 22 May 2017

Now That's Thinking Animation - Term 2

Ata's Technology Animation T2 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This video shows technology. The piece of technology that I have used is a, Hairdryer. This animation shows a hairdryer and what it does to help others. It helps to dry your hair when it gets wet. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Heat Transfer Process Diagram

This is my, "Heat Transfer" Process Diagram. This shows what Heat Energy can do and where it can transfer. Heat can not only transfer through human bodies, but it can also transfer through, animals bodies, plants and other living things. Please take a look and I hope that you enjoy. Maybe you might learn a bit more about the Heat Transfer Process.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Statistical Literacy - Term 2

WALT: Interpret information from, pie graphs and bar graphs. 
This presentation is my task for Week 2. It is Statistical Literacy. This week we 
are learning all about graphing. So... Yeah. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy. 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Maths Grid

Throughout the year of 2017, we have been learning our timestables. 
1 - 12. So... every time we switch to our numeracy class, we do a 10 minute
math grid. We do times tables from 1 - 12. Today, I came second and got a time
of, 3mins and 55 seconds. Th fastest I've ever done it was in, 3mins and 12 secs. 

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Home Learning - Wk 1 Term 2

This is my home learning for Wk 1 of Term 2 for 2017. It includes, maths, charts,
addition and subtraction. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Term 1 - Extension Reflection

For term 1, in our extension group, we were given a task to create a maze game
using scratch. It was quite challenging since we were beginners. Soo... we got
a lady from, "OMGTech", to come and help us with coding. She gave some very
helpful advice, which we used to create our game. Her name was, Zoey.
Soo... we also had to complete this reflection on our game. This presentation
includes our problems and our solutions. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Monday, 1 May 2017

Recap - Place Value, Fractions, and Decimals

WALT: Use our knowledge of place values, fractions and decimals to solve
word problems.
This is my first maths presentation for term 2. This presentation is a recap of term 1.
It is all about place value, fractions and decimals knowledge. Take a look and I hope
that you enjoy.

Back to School Immersion!!!!

Hey There, Bloggers!! Back to School! For those who didn't know, today is the first school day of Term 2 for 2017. YAY!! Since today was the first day back to school, there was an immersion assembly as usual. The topic for this term is, "Now That's Thinking". Let me tell you more about this term's topic and what the other teams in the school will be learning about this term.

First of all, you may be reading this and thinking, "Hmm, I wonder what "Now That's Thinking" means?" Well, this topic is actually all about us and technology. For Example: Maybe it could be about technology changing over the years, or it could be about designing and building. Who knows? I sure don't. Maybe, we will find out together along the way. Ok. I have told you enough about the topic for this term and what it means. Now, I will write about what the other teams in the school are doing and learning about.

Second of all, Teams 1, 2, and 3 will be learning all about kites and different designs they can create. They will also be learning, how to make kites and how they are able to fly in the wind and why they can't fly when there is no wind. Those teams might also create a diagram about kites. Well, you should get the picture by now. Team 4 will be learning about Maori Technology History and how it has changed over the past few years. They will also be finding out what types of technology the Maori people used before the Pakeha came to New Zealand. Last of all, Team 5 will be learning how to create something that will improve life at Pt England School. For Example: Maybe a shoe rack or a chair/bench to sit on, or something that will help others. Like, a game for people to play. Last year, a group of year 8's create a giant Jenga Block Game. Another group created benches and chairs for people. One other group even created a little cart for people to have fun. But, overall, my favourite performance was Team 5 because they sang and danced to a song called, "Bob the Builder". Bob said we sang it wrong, sooo... he sang it himself with a very weird accent.

So, I guess I have told you a lot about what we will be doing this term. Keep in touch with my blog for I will be posting a lot this term. Twice the amount I did last term. Maybe even Triple. Also, feel free to comment down below and send me some feedback on my blog. Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoyed!!

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Multi Texts - Presentations

WALT: Summarise information in a text.
This is a presentation all about water and the MV Rena. Have you ever heard of the MV Rena.
Well, if you haven't, I am happy to tell you all about it. But, unfortunately I don't have time. So,
if you would like to find out, check out my presentation and it will give you a lot of information.
Feel free to comment down below and give me some feedback.

Water as the source of life

Here you can see that this is a wanted poster.

 WALT: I can examine the mythological beliefs relating to water in different cultures and makes links to my own understanding.
This is a presentation showing the mythical beliefs on water. And also water as the source of life. Take a look at my presentation please and I hope that you enjoy. Oh, and also read the wanted poster please. But, BEWARE!!!!

Friday, 7 April 2017

Fractions Slides

WALT: Identify and sort fractions of a number. This week, I had finished all of my maths work that was provided, so... I decided to do one of the other groups work. Here it is. This presentation is all about ordering and sorting fractions. Take a look and I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Word Problems - Fractions

WALT: Order fractions with different denominators.
This week my group were given this presentation for our Maths task. It includes word problems involving fractions. I have shown my working and given you my answer. I hope that it is right. Comment down below your answer. Please take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Hidden Figures - Reflection

Hey there, Bloggers!!! On March 8th 2017, my extension group were given the privilege to go and watch the new movie, "Hidden Figures" for free. It was such an amazing privilege. A school teacher's (Mr Vogt's) sister was visiting and she shouted the Yr 7 & 8 extension group a free trip to the Hoyts Cinemas in Sylvia Park. It was an astonishing experience. We enjoyed it a lot.

The "Hidden Figures" movie is all about N.A.S.A and Space. As you should already know NASA launches astronauts into space and onto the moon. That must be a wonderful experience and also view. I would have loved to visit the moon. Well, this is what that movie was all about. I loved the story behind the movie. At first there was something that separated white people things to coloured people things. Like, coloured people had their own toilets and coffee jugs and they weren't allowed to use the white people's things. But, the Boss/Administrator didn't know that the white people were doing that to the coloured people. So... he found out and stopped the whole thing. That was one of my favourite parts in the movie. It was quite emotional. But, I loved it.

On behalf of the Yr 7 & 8 extension group, I would like to say a huge thanks to Mr Vogt's sister in law for the amazing privilege to see this movie. We all loved it. Thanks for paying for everything and we are all very grateful. Once again, thanks for everything. Down below there is a 20 second movie of our trip. Take a look and I hope you enjoy how we put this together.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Water Worn

These pictures things from a story called, Water Worn. The first drawing is showing the wearing away of the sea. It shows that when you add a rough rock with the force of sea it can make the rock smooth. This can also happen with sand as well.
The second drawing shows and old piece of worn out wood/plank from a bit of boat. This wood is covered in seaweed and barnacles.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Maths Task

WALT: Use our new number knowledge to solve equations
This is my Wk 8 Maths Task. It involves things that I already know. This presentation is here to test me on what I still know. Take a look and I hope you enjoy.


WALT: Order fractions with different denominators.
This week our task was to complete this presentation that includes dividing and multiplying fractions.
Take a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Water Cycle

Hey there!! This term, team 5 was given a task to create and animate something around the water cycle. So, i did just that. I added extra by creating buttons which go to different cards with transitions. It was quite difficult, but I got through it. So... here is what I have created for my task this term. Take a look and I hope you enjoy. Oh... and also feel free to comment down below and send me some of your feedback on my animation. Thanks a lot. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Writing Test - Reflection

Hey there bloggers!!! I have just received my results for my writing test that I took a few weeks back. We were given about 40 minutes to write about our special place in the community. I wrote about my favourite supermarket, Pak'n'Save. The Yr 7 & 8's at my school got marked on 7 different subjects. Ideas, Structure, Organisation, Vocabulary, Sentence, Punctuation and Spelling. I think that I should work more on, Structure, Vocabulary and Punctuation. I think that I am getting better at Spelling, Ideas, Sentence and Organisation. One of my favourite subjects in school is writing, so I enjoy it a lot. Hopefully, I get a chance to work more on what I need to. I even got a few notes written down below for my marks. Well, now I know what I need to work on more for my next writing test. Look out for more blog posts from me. I will be posting a lot for the next few weeks. Feel free to comment down below on what you think your marks would have been. Thanks for reading.  

Monday, 27 March 2017

Multiplication Pyramid - T1 Wk 9

This is my T1 Wk9 Multiplication Pyramid. I had to multiply all the way to the top. The first bottom numbers to the left and then keep going up and up. It got pretty challenging, but I got through it. I enjoy multiplying these number and figuring out the giant answers behind them. I got shocked once it got to the top. Feel free to comment down below with some ideas of a new pyramid. 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Tarakura Wanted

I was given a task to create a wanted poster to capture the dangerous Taniwha named, Tarakura. He lives a swamp. Just watch out, for whoever has passed his bridge, has never returned. Be careful for his sharp talons. Tarakura is a menace and will kill anyone who comes in sight. Even you. Capture Tarakura, DEAD OR ALIVE!!! Beware as he is considered dangerous. So, don't approach him.   

Auckland Council - Letter

Pt England School,
130 Pt England Road,
Pt England
Auckland, 1072

Monday 27th February 2017,

Dear Auckland Council,

My name is Atareita and I am a year 7 student at Pt England School. I am writing to you about the issue of pollution in our water system. Many people agree that pollution has become a huge problem in Auckland, more like the world, because people from different locations have been throwing their trash into our lakes, rivers and oceans. It is very bad for the creatures in our waters because, if rubbish keeps on getting thrown away in the waters, then the creatures living in it will think that it is food and eat it. But, if they eat it then they will die because it gets stuck in their stomachs and they are not able to get it out of them.

Secondly, I believe that you should make punishments for people who litter.  You could make a law where if someone spotted a person littering, then you get an immediate fine. Maybe about $100. Or to stop people from throwing garbage down the drains, you could set up something that stops garbage from going through the drains and into the ocean.

If someone doesn’t do anything about this problem, then it is going to become more worse and the creatures living in our waters will end up eating the garbage thinking that it’s food and get sick, but eventually die. Furthermore, later on we will be infected, then we will get sick and eventually die afterwards. And then sooner or later, every living thing will die from not having enough available fresh water for us to keep hydrated/healthy. So, that is why you need to do something about the world’s number one problem. POLLUTION!!

Kind Regards,

Water Worries

WALT: Support all my answers with evidence from the text. 
This presentation is about saving water. I was given a task to complete this presentation and answer all of the questions. Take a look and I hope you enjoy. 
P.S: There are also 2 links to A letter and a poster. 

Yr 7 Tech - Cooking

Throughout the term, Yr 7's have been going to Tamaki College to do something that we call, TECH. There are 4 different groups. Carving, Hard Materials, Graphics/Art and Cooking. I was in the cooking group. There were about 16 people in my entire group. And about the same in the rest of the groups. My cooking teacher's name was, Mrs. Heka.

We go once a week on a Thursday. So, for my cooking group there are 8 kitchens. 2 people per kitchen. Well, I was in kitchen number 1 and I was paired up together with one of my dear friends, Angels. She is lovely once you get to know her. Anyways, the first thing that we made was an Oreo Milkshake each. It included, chocolate sauce, chocolate syrup, oreos, milk and whipped cream. Afterwards, it was delicious. The next thing we made was, a savoury muffin. This one included, bacon, pineapple, spaghetti, cheese, and bread. We used bread for the pastry and bacon, pineapple and spaghetti for the filling. We had to first of all roast the bread, shape it and then put in the filling. After that was complete, we had to roast everything at once. Only for about 5 minutes. It tasted divine.

As you can probably think now, we were to do a dessert and then a savoury and then just go in order. So, now that I've told you about those things we made first, let me tell you about what we had made yesterday. My group made, Roasted potatoes with chicken breasts made into french fries. Your probably reading this and thinking to yourself, Hmmm... I wonder how that must have tasted. Well, It was the best thing we had made so far. It was that good. Oh and hear this, we even got to cook the chicken breasts our self. Of course, after we had crumbed it. The Ingredients that were needed were, chicken breasts, eggs, flour, breadcrumbs, potatoes, oil, herbs, Parmesan cheese and salt. Both of the people in one kitchen had different things to do. Like, I was responsible for the potatoes and cooking the chicken breast. And Angels was responsible for cutting the chicken and making the crumbing mix. After the potatoes were done, Mrs. Heka put them into the roasting oven and waited for them to roast for about 10 minutes. And then we crumbed the chicken and cooked it.

Furthermore, when everything was done, we cleaned up and ate our creation. It was amazing. I can't wait to taste what we make next week. Hopefully we make a delicious dessert. Well, look out for my next posts about what I have been up to lately. Feel free to comment down below and tell me some things that you enjoy making. Thanks for reading...

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Number Knowledge Wk 8

WALT: Use our new number knowledge to solve equations. 
This week we were given a task to test out what we know with numbers on this presentation. 
Here is it. Take a look and I hope you enjoy. 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

My Idea of a fun weekend - Writing Task

My Idea of a Fun Weekend

Do you enjoy either a fun weekend or a boring one? Well, I don’t know about you, but I enjoy a fun weekend. Even if it is just staying home and hanging out with my family/friends or if it’s going out to rainbows end or going to the pools. Well, Here are my ideas of a fun weekend.

First of all, if I was to spend the whole day at rainbows end, I would have first eaten a big breakfast and just packed a regular sized lunch. A challenge for me would to try and go on every single ride they have there. Furthermore, I would try out at least 3 or 4 rides and then have a lunch/drink break. By the way, I have 3 favourite rides. They are called: 1. The Power Surge, 2. Stratosphere and 3. The White Roller coaster. Moreover,  Rainbows End is a really cool place to spend your Saturday.

Secondly, another idea for a fun weekend could be, spending the day at the pools in GI or Panmure. It might not be what you were thinking of, but at least you’ll have a nice swim. I wouldn’t mind to have a beautiful day to spend at the pools with my friends. You could even take some lunch/food down to munch on. Because, you can’t have a fun day at the pools without anything to eat the whole day.

Last of all, If you just feel like a day of relaxing, maybe you can just spend a lovely day at home with your family. It would be a astonishing day to spend at home with your family, eating, watching TV and relaxing. That could probably be saved for a Sunday, after a long fun Saturday.  

So, I have given you a few ideas of a fun weekend to have with your family and friends. I would enjoy either one of these fun days. Maybe you could ask your family, if you could go out and have a fun weekend. Well, thanks for reading my writing blog post. Feel free to comment down below and tell me what are your ideas of a fun and enthusiastic weekend.

Water Wise

WALT: make sense of new information before, during and after reading by connectiing it to myself, texts i know and my world.
This presentation is all about water and how it travels the world with the water cycle. This includes in my WALT. Take a look and I hope you enjoy. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Why do people need to drink water??

Why do People Need to Drink Water??

I bet that you thought that water was just for keeping yourself hydrated. Well No!! There are a lot of things that water does to your body, rather than just keeping you hydrated. So, I am now going to explain why drinking water is so important to us human beings.

Drinking water helps us survive. It keeps us hydrated. The minimum amount of water you should be drinking a day is at least 6 cups of water. Your body is approximately 60 percent water, your brain is 70 percent water, and your lungs are nearly 90 percent water. If you do not drink enough water each day and become dehydrated, you could suffer from headaches, stomachaches, collapsing and you could even possibly become delusional. Water is more important than food. You could survive approximately 1 week without water, but you could survive at least a month without food.

Water also keeps our skin and digestive system healthy. When you drink water and you swallow it, you might not know that it goes around your body cleaning up all of the toxins inside your body. When you wash/shower with soap and water, you are cleaning all of the bacteria and germs off of your body.

There’s nothing like a glass of cool, clear water to quench your thirst! But the next time you turn on the tap, you might want to question whether that water is in fact, too toxic to drink. If your water is fluoridated, the answer is likely yes. For decades, we have been told a lie; a lie that has led to the deaths of millions of Americans and weakened the immune system of tens of millions more. You must check just in case. But other than that water is good to drink every day.

So, now you know. Water is very important to our human bodies. We should be drinking at least 8 cups a day. That is the least amount. So, Water is the most important thing that your body needs. Water is even more important than food. Like, I said at the beginning. Water is more important than food. You can live without food, but not water.

Find out more about water on my blog. Atareita @ Pt England School

Friday, 17 March 2017

Maori Myths and Legends

WALT:  research the various myths and legends that were used to explain features of our environment.    Features such as our land, our oceans our natural resources.
This is my Maori Myths and Legends Presentation. It includes, Things About Maui, Aoraki and Comparisons. This week we were given the task to create a presentation about Myths and Legends. Take a look and I hope you enjoy. 

My Journey throughout Polyfest's Technical Workshops

Hey there bloggers!!! On the 16th of March 2017, I had an astonishing journey throughout the 2017 Polyfest's Technical Workshops. Now, let me tell you all about it. 

First of all, What is Polyfest? you may be asking. Well, the ASB Polyfest is an iconic Auckland festival which features traditional music, dance, costume and speech from secondary school students. It is a very important showcase of New Zealand's breath-taking cultures and a celebration of youth performances. 

There were so many different types of workshops/stations/activities. For Example: There was one workshop, where you had to put on these 3D Google Glasses. Once you put them on and someone had started them up, it felt like you were in a virtual world. After about, 1 - 2mins of the first scene, the background and topic would change. Like, if you were in a medical room, it could change to a classroom or a beach. It could literally change to anything. Then, there were so many other workshops. There was another one where we had to ride on of those bicycles that power energy. I rode it for about 2mins and then I got a free Mango Supreme Smoothie at the end. The smoothie was delicious. I enjoyed all of the workshops that I got to try. I went to a lot. My group and I tried to go to all of them. Sadly, we missed out on a few. 

But, my favourite part of the day was watching the dancers compete at a workshop called, Te Wananga O Aotearoa. It was so hilarious. It was the most funniest part of my day. Later on in the day, I even got to have a go and competing the the dance competition. The DJ played remixes of songs and we had to dance to it. The person that had the best dance moves got the top prize. Which was either sunglasses, a fan or a smoothie. The second prize went to the person, that made the most people laugh. That was me. I got to pick out of a smoothie, a pair of sunglasses or a fan. I picked a pair of sunglasses, cause I already had a smoothie and a fan. 

After all of that, I learnt that, if you correctly hook something up to a bicycle a ride it for a while, quite fast, you can power energy. That was very interesting. I never knew that would happen. For our activity, we powered a smoothie blender. 

I enjoyed the entire day with my friends and my group. I loved it. It was one of the most amazing trips I have been on before. Hopefully, next year i get to go once again. A huge thanks to all of the parents and helpers that came along and enjoyed the day with us. We couldn't have gone without yous. Can't wait for next year.  

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Week 7 Thinkboard

WALT: Solve fractions, decimals and percentage word problems. 
This is my Week 7 think board. I created this on google drawings. The question includes decimals and addition/subtraction. As you can see, I have used the strategy of, Adding instead of subtracting. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy. 
P.S - Please feel free to comment down below and give me some feedback. By the way, this wasn't as easy as it looks.  

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages - Maths Task

WALT: Solve problems with fractions, decimals, percentages. This is my week 7 maths task. It includes 2 questions for each category. The 3 categories are, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. These questions were a bit of a challenge, but I got through it with some help form my teacher. 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Wk 6 Problems

WALT: Add and subtract decimals to 3 decimal places.
This week my group (Compasses) and I have been working on this presentation since last week now. This presentation includes, Adding Decimals, Place value and much more. The poster that you can see on the left is part of this activity. It has also helped me with my decimals. It is pretty much a pyramid of added decimals. It also fits well with my - WALT. 

Monday, 6 March 2017

Place Value

WALT: Demonstrate use of new knowledge about Place Value. Add and subtract decimals to 3 decimal places. 
These is my Place Value Houses. There are, Hundred Thousands, Ten Thousands, Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones. I was given eight numbers and I had to put them in their columns. Take a look and I hope that you enjoy. 

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Match Up Activity

This is my Match Up Activity. I had to match up 3 Hexagons that had the same thing on them. Take a look at it and I hope that you enjoy. 

Fractions of a Number

WALT -  Understand the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages. 
This week we are learning about fractions. Here is a presentation which includes fractions being added altogether as one. Take a look and I hope you enjoy. 

Monday, 27 February 2017

Alphabet Multiplication - T1WK5

WALT: Understand the relationship between, fractions, decimals and percentages.
This is my Alphabet Multiplication Task. As you can see, each letter equals a number. So I was given 7 words and I had to multiply the numbers in the words together and figure out my answer.  

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Water Poster - HELP SAVE WATER!!

This is my water poster. I have created this poster to show people how important it is to take care of our world's water supply. As you can see I am talking about pollution. We need your help to sort out this problem. Comment down below, telling me ideas of how you can help to save the lakes, creeks, streams and rivers from pollution.