Friday, 22 September 2017

My Film Fest Experience - 2017

My Film Festival Experience
Well, it is that time of year, when everyone is busy trying to get their movies and ideas together for the very special, Manaiakalani Film Festival. Movies are being created all from the manaiakalani schools. Even my class had to come up with ideas and form them into a special movie to share. By the way, I had to be in 2 movies this year. One for class and One for an extension group for brainy students. Here, I will share what I have experienced doing them both.

What Did I Enjoy?
Class Movie: I enjoyed actually getting to be in our class movie and I also enjoyed helping out Mrs Ilaoa (My Teacher) to edit the Film Fest Movie. From my own perspective, I reckon that our movie is pretty awesome. Not to spoil it, but, in our movie, there is a very special guest. Watch it to find out who it is.
Extension Movie: For this movie, I enjoyed being a main character in my movie and getting to dress like my character as well. During this experience, We got to ride on our school bikes. (It was so fun)

What did i find challenging?
Class Movie: Well, to be honest, I found challenging trying not to slip when we went down to the creek to film a few bits. The rocks that we stood on were really slippery. (A couple of people slipped, Not Me!)
Secondly, I thought that maybe the editing was a bit challenging for me as well, trying to get all of the background sounds out and the voiceovers done.
Extension Movie: What I found challenging about the experience was trying to find the correct outfit that matched my character and the different scenes. Sometimes I even fell off my bike. (Ouch!) We had to shoot quite a lot of scenes. It was so difficult having to get people, send them back and then get others.

What should we improve on next time?
Class Movie: I think that next time we could improve on getting everyone to remember to bring their costumes that were needed. Most of the main characters struggled around that a bit. I think that I could work on having a louder voice maybe. When it is needed though.

Extension Movie: I actually think that, like I said about our class movie, people need to remember more often to bring their change of clothes to be in the movie. Because, they couldn’t just go out of school and get their outfit. But yeah, Maybe, we needed to focus on the time we had left.

Overall, I loved experiencing everything and getting to be in 2 movies at once. There wasn’t really anything that I hated about it and We had so much fun altogether.



Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Ratio & Proportion Term 3 2017

WALT: Explain or show the steps used to solve each problem.
Here is my Task for Week 9 Of Term 3 for 2017. It is all around, Ratio & Proportion.
There are about 20 - 25 question in this presentation. Take a look and I hope that
you enjoy looking at my work.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Moon and Tides Animation 2017 - Atareita

This is my Moon and Tides animation for Term 3 of 2017. This animation is all around
how the tides are connected to the moon when it orbits around earth. Watch my animation to find out more about the moon, tides and earth. Oh, and my animation also includes the phases of the moon to go along. Hope you enjoy and please leave some comments down below and give me some feedback. 

Cultural Twin Rays - Carving Project

Hey there, Bloggers! To the left you can obviously see that there is an image of a specific maori design. Well, maybe if you look closer, you will to Twin Stingrays, side by side. The yr 7 & 8's from Pt England school head down to Tamaki College, every "Tuesday (Yr 8's) and Thursday (Yr 7's)". We do about 4 activities down there. 1 each school term. This Term I was put into the carving activity. We had to create a design that we would like to have on a kowhaiwhai pallet. Here is the design that I thought about creating.

Hope you like it and leave comments down below please. Tell me what you think about my design.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

SCIENCE TIME - Inquiry Project T3 2017

This is my inquiry project for Term 3. It is all around, Outer Space. These slides
have heaps of interesting facts about  a whole lot of different topics. It's SCIENCE TIME!
Take a look and feel free to comment down below and give me some feedback. Thanks
for reading.


Monday, 11 September 2017

Mult Pyramid Wk 8 T3 2017

WALT: explain or show the steps we took to solve each problem.

To the left, this is my multiplication pyramid for week 8 of term 3 for 2017. You must times the 2 bottom numbers together and work up the pyramid to get the correct answer at the top.
I was asked to show my working for the top 3 layers of the pyramid. Here we go!

First question was: 75 x 180 = ??
I went, 75 x 100 = 7500. After that I did, 75 x 80 = 6000. Once I had found those answers out, I added them together and I got, 13,500.
Next question was: 180 x 48 = ??
At first I went, 180 x 40 = 7200. After that, I did, 180 x 8 = 1440.
Once that was done, I had to add them together and I ended up with, 8640.
Last question was: 13500 x 8640
First I did, 13500 x 8000 = 108,000,000
Then I did, 13500 x 640 = 8640000
I had to ad them together, and ended up with, 116,640,000


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Geometry Questions

WALT: Rotate, Reflect and Translate shapes.
We are still doing the same thing as I wrote on my other post. This time, it is about Rotation. To the left is one question that I found really easy. The question was, "Which of the following shows the new position of the square when rotated a full turn? I got it right.
Down below is a picture of a question that I found really hard. This question was, "Which of the following shows the correct image,". It obviously got it wrong because it was a bit too hard for me.