Wednesday, 6 December 2017

2017 Extension Reflection

Spending this year in extension has been awesome. As being a year 7, I have may be given the opportunity to be in the extension group next year for my last year of Intermediate. This year, I was given the privilege to participate in the Yr 7 & 8 extension crew. We have been learning how to use MakeyMakey kits and what we can do using those particular kits. For me, these projects/tasks were very challenging. But luckily we worked in groups of about 4 or 5, so that we had other team mates there to help us. We were also given help this year by a brilliant lady called Zoe, who works at OMGTech. She works with code a lot and we were given the chance for her to show us her skills with coding. So, pretty much for this year, we have been learning and improving in coding.

Being part of this awesome group, has given me the chance to earn skills and things based around code and what code is actually used for nowadays. I have experienced difficult and easy challenge a long the way, but me and my extension group has been able to complete these tasks with the help of Zoe and Mrs Lagitupu. If you would like to learn how to code, I would recommend using coding sites such as,, and other sites as well. There are a lot of coding websites that teach you how to create game using coding blocks and how code is used.

But, overall, this year has been so helpful and amazing. It has helped me and my fellow members to improve in code and hopefully later on that will help us in our lifetime. I have enjoyed working with the other Yr 7 & 8 in the group. I hope to work with them again next year. So, now most of us know how to create our own games and how we can use code to make things easier for us.  I have loved this year and hope to be part of this again.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Time Word Problems

WALT: Use our own strategies to work out time lapse problems. 
This is my maths task for this week. It is all based around time lapse word problems. 
All of the questions are different. For me, they weren't very hard and I completed to my highest standard. 

Tonga Vs England - Perspectives and Opinions

WALT: Identify ideas/opinions of the author and to share my own comparison.

 Tonga and England had a Rugby League Match on Saturday Last Week. The match was for the semifinals 2017 for the world cup. This match was held at Mt Smart Stadium which was flooded with supportive Tonga and England fans. Here are my perspectives and opinions.

Friday, 1 December 2017

6 Emotions and Music

For this task, we had to use 6 emotions and we also had to find suitable music
for those particular emotions. The music we chose had to be appropriate for
younger and older people to listen to. For this presentation, I worked with a buddy.
She was very helpful with this task and I hope to work with her again. So, Take
a look and I hope that you enjoy.

Wk 6 Maths Problems

WALT: Understand which 2 operations (+,-,x,➗) can be used to solve each problem.

This is my Maths Word Problems Task for Week 6. There are quite a lot of questions that
I had to answer, but along the way, they might actually help me in life. Anyways, Take a 
look and I hope that you enjoy. 

Monday, 20 November 2017

Multiplication Pyramid

Multiplication Pyramid Term 4 2017

This is my multiplication pyramid for Week 6 of Term 4 for 2017. As you can see, 
the numbers at the top go pretty high right. Well, maybe take a calculator and check for me
if all of my answers are right. P.S: This is how you pronounce the giant number at the top. 
Three hundred and thirty five billion, five hundred and forty four million, three hundred and
twenty thousand. 

Guy Fawkes Celebration

WALT: connecting and comparing. Relate information and ideas from text to my own
experience to form an opinion.